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US Army Soldier in Universal Camouflage

military Training


Mission ready

special operations


Helping to Make the Most Effective and Efficient Combat-Ready Soldiers 

Our proprietary Mission Ready Special Operations Combatives program is the ultimate system to help prepare soldiers in CQB and hand to hand combat scenarios. 


Our system is based on simple, proven, and effective techniques that gives soldiers the ultimate advantage in a hand to hand situation. Each technique can be taught quickly, saving valuable training time and will allow soldiers to be able to recall the techniques quickly when downrange.


To this day, we are honored and privileged to have trained police departments all across the country as well as various Naval SEAL teams, Marine Recon units, Army infantry, and Special Mission Units.


"In a life-threatening situation, you ain't rising to the occasion, you fall to the level of your training"

soldiers will learn...

  • Combatives to make the most effective and efficient combat-ready soldier  

  • Effective and elite CQB techniques

  •  hand to hand encounter or hand to hand situation

  • Establish immediate control of a combative suspect

  • Designed, created & tested by experienced real-world professionals

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"Peter Iacavazzi is a true professional in every sense of the word. He has created an exceptional physical fitness and defensive tactics training for our officers.

He serves as a great role model and pushes these officers to places they never dreamed they could go. I am proud to call Peter a friend and strongly recommend him to any agency that wants to take its members to the next level."



Wade Carpenter Chief of Police Park City, UT
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