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Safe, Efficient, & Effective Training Programs for Law Enforcement 


created & tested BY Law enforcement


Our trainers have over 50 years of experience in law enforcement and military training 

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Our systems teach LEO's how to work together as a team safely and effectively



Our programs are designed to keep the officers and suspects safe at all times


Our system and techniques have been rigorously tested in the field to prove their effectiveness


 mission ready

empty hand force™

Our proprietary Mission Ready Defensive Tactics (MRDT) programs, Empty Hand force - 1 & 2 (EHF1 & EHF2) will provide your law enforcement officers with the necessary tools to safely and efficiently defeat active resistance.

EHF is easy to learn, easy to maintain, and it's comprised of stress-tested skills that offer a high probability for successful outcomes in the field. Additionally, we will provide you with the necessary support to maintain a high level of proficiency throughout your agency.

Beginning with the belief that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, EHF1 was designed to provide a team-oriented control and restraint system that offers safe and effective solutions to controlling active resistance when officers enjoy a numerical advantage. Moreover, it's designed to dramatically reduce the risk of injury to officers and arrestees during these critical interactions

Conversely, our officer self-protection modules contained in EHF2 offer battle-tested skills designed to keep your officer alive in those instances when physical violence is imminent, and officer safety is threatened.

These combined strategies are certain to elevate any officer's competency in a variety of volatile situations.

Our systems are rooted in the belief that the unprepared officer is a liability to himself and his agency.

At 5x5 Mission Ready, we've made it our goal to properly prepare officers to nonviolently defeat active resistance.

By joining us you will be taking a significant first step toward enabling your personnel to perform at an extremely elevated level of proficiency.

We eagerly look forward to working with you.     

your officers will learn...

  • Field-tested team-oriented skills and concepts.

  • Field-tested unarmed self-protection skills.

  • The reasons why pain causes resistance, not compliance.

  • How to avoid injuring your arrestee.

  • The importance of acquiring absolute physical control before cuffing.

  • The principals of learning and maintaining perishable skills.

  • How to safely control the situation, themselves, and the suspect to create compliance

take your officer's Training to the next level. 

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"Peter Iacavazzi is a true professional in every sense of the word. He has created an exceptional physical fitness and defensive tactics training for our officers.

He serves as a great role model and pushes these officers to places they never dreamed they could go. I am proud to call Peter a friend and strongly recommend him to any agency that wants to take its members to the next level."



Wade Carpenter Chief of Police Park City, UT