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peter Iacavazzi

President/Lead MRDT & EHF Instructor

Peter began his relationship with the United States military in 2000' when he was invited to train the "Naval Special Warfare Development Group" in Virginia Beach, Va.


Since then he has spent the past 20 years working with and training various Law Enforcement Agencies and multiple miltary units. It was during this time where Peter trained at Fort Benning, Ga, and became fully certified as a Modern Army Combatives Instructor. 


From 2010-2015 Peter began working closely with the United States Army Military District of Washington combatives team out of Fort Belvoir, Va.


He became the head coach for the "MDW" all Army combatives team and helped them place among the top military combative teams in the world at the famed Fort Hood All Army Combatives Championships. Peter also helped to design and implement the Army Combatives training program at the Fort Belvoir Combatives training center.


From 2014-2015 Peter was attached to a US Military SOF Unit as their primary combatives instructor and it was during this time we developed the 5x5 Mission Ready combatives program.


Peter has personally taught the 5x5 Mission Ready program at the Pentagon, USMA West Point, the Army Combatives school Fort Benning, Ga, Fort Levenworth, Ka, and the 316 Calvary Brigade Combat Infantry unit of Fort Benning, Ga. 


Peter's expertise in the (3) ranges of close quarter combat has placed him among the world's most highly accomplished combative and defensive tactics instructors. The 5x5 Mission Ready Combatives program was designed to best prepare combat soldiers to deal with the real-world applications of close quarter combat. It is safe to say that in the practical application of "hand to hand" aggression Peter Iacavazzi has excelled at training, preparing, and creating safer more combat-ready soldiers.

In addition to being one of the best defensive tactics and combatives instructors in the world, Peter is also an extremely accomplished Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competitor. As a 4th-degree black belt, he is a 2 time World Champion, 6 time Pan American Champion, 7 time National Champion and is currently ranked number 1 in the world in the IBJJF Black Belt Masters Division. 


sgt frank beran

Director of Law Enforcement Program Development/Lead MRDT Instructor and Founder of EHF 1

Sergeant Frank Beran began his law enforcement career in October of 1991 and currently serves in the patrol division of the Hodgkins Police Department. During his almost thirty-year career he's been directly involved in Gang Crime Suppression, Undercover Narcotics Investigations, and Use of Force Training Coordination. Frank attended the College of DuPage where he received a Criminal Justice AAS in 1990. He's also attended Northwestern Illinois University where he received certification for Law Enforcement Supervision. Additionally, Frank has successfully completed the NEMRT instructor development course and seeks to add his EHF1 course curriculum to the NEMRT catalog.

Growing up, Frank was curious about martial arts and combat sports. He subsequently experimented with Judo, Boxing, and Wrestling and ultimately realized that no single discipline held all of the answers for one to be proficient in a real-world empty hand contest. His curiosity drew him to study Okinawan Karate and by 1986 he was competing at the black belt level in local and national competitions. Frank would go on to fight in a small number of professional events sponsored by the PKC (The Professional Kick-Boxing Council) but in 1991 he was forced to step away from competition to begin his career in law enforcement.

At that time he believed his pursuit of these skills was behind him. However, this completely changed in 1993 when he watched an event called The UFC in which the smallest man in the competition easily defeated three opponents in one night without injuring any of them. This man was a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) practitioner. At that moment Frank began to search for someone to teach him these skills and in 1998 he began his study of this very difficult discipline. Today, he's a brown belt under Mark Turner at BJJ Lab in Naperville, Illinois.

In more recent years Frank has entered a small number of BJJ competitions in addition to Muay Thai and MMA exhibitions but he now spends his time teaching these skills to those who are seeking to enhance their physical fitness level or self-defense capabilities.

In 2014, because of Frank's combat sports background, he was tasked with finding an appropriate defensive tactics system for use at his home agency. He was consequently sent to a number of instructor level courses to investigate the current material available to law enforcement. However, according to Frank, the vast majority of skills offered by said courses failed when tested against the kind of vigorous resistance officers are likely to encounter in the field. This motivated him to draw upon his combined experiences in combat sports and law enforcement to develop something better, and after several months of trial and error, the Empty Hand Force (EHF) curriculum was born. Since it's adoption at Frank's home agency EHF skills have enjoyed a 100% success rate when used in the field.​


Mark Turner

Director of Military Program Development/Lead MRDT & EHF Instructor

Mark is a United States Marine who began his military career in the early 2000's. Mark proudly served our country in the Iraq war and is a strong advocate for military veterans. 


Mark is a highly accomplished Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competitor and instructor. He began training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in the early 90's and is the first non-Brazilian Black Belt of 5 time World Champion and current UFC welterweight star Demian Maia. 

Mark has competed and/or placed in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu championships held in Brazil, the United States and Europe. In 2018, Mark ranked as high as 10th in the world and won both the Spanish and British IBJJF National Championships.


Additionally, Mark has been an elite Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instructor for over 12 years and is the owner of BJJ Lab Brazilian Jiu Jitsu academy in Naperville, IL. 

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