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our story

Our story began in 2015. Back then our founders were working independently developing elite defensive tactics programs for law enforcement and military, working as Defensive Tactics Instructors, and winning World Championships in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. 

At Mission Ready we started with a simple goal, to create a system for defeating active resistance that's easy to learn, easy to maintain, and comprised of stress-tested skills that provide a high probability for successful outcomes in the field.


Our founders went to work. Hours upon hours of research was done by our team. Testing and more testing was done in real life combative scenarios to see which techniques were most effective. 


After a great deal of trial and we're proud to announce we have successfully achieved these goals.


Our control and restraint system, (Empty Hand Force 1) provides many answers to the active resistance riddle. Additionally, it's designed to dramatically reduce the risk of injury to officers and arrestees during these critical interactions. When combined with our officer self-protection modules, (Empty Hand Force 2) our strategies will certainly elevate any officer competency in a variety of volatile circumstances.

Our training programs are the most comprehensive and practical system to help LEO's learn effective individual defensive tactics, along with teaching officers how to work effectively as a team to safely control themselves, the situation, and the suspect.   

Fast forward to 2020 and we have trained some of the most elite law enforcement, military, and special operations units in the world.


To this day, we are honored and privileged to have trained police departments all across the country as well as various Naval SEAL teams, Marine Recon units, Army infantry, and Special Mission Units.

If you would like to take your officers or soldiers to the next level, find out more by clicking on our links below...






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